Hello visitor, Bambiboy will show you pics of shirtless boys in the visual age 16-20 years, no nudes, the selection is made as much as possible in HQ pics . No blabla, just a lust for your eyes :) , so don't waste your time on numerous blogs that are dead after a few weeks, stay with us and you'll see daily updates !!!

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FYI, I am banned at the YGL forum since 15 sep., so for those who are knowing me as Patje, I will not be able to post there anymore. The reason for all this is still very obscure to me, last week I had a great series of post with an every day follow up as all of a sudden they were removed, and one of the mods stated there were 'some copyright issues', strangely the site where these pics came from didn't mention any copyrights, it were snapshot of people on the street and they where freely to use. So when I asked the moderators if they could me explain what happened the only answer I got is that is was banned, no word, no explaining, but a nice kick in my ass after 4 years of posting frequently and without any problem in the past. So needless to say I take the opportunity here to tell the YGL viewers overthere what happened so that at least you know how the mods are playing their game. They have the right to kick me out and I have the right here to give an explanation to my viewers ! I mailed Jebus but have little hope he will have the nerve to answer me back with a good explanation! , my guess is that the place became so popular that they aren't aware any more on who's contributions it was build up, most of them allready left the building also..... I hope that a lot of picture posters got my message! and I also hope you come to visit me here on my own place with no blabla but just pics ;)

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dinsdag 22 september 2009

Hi guys we moved this blog to http://bambiboy.sensualwriter.com/

woensdag 16 september 2009

dinsdag 15 september 2009

maandag 14 september 2009